This is a lightweight sunscreen that provides moisturization and long lasting water-resistant protection from the sun. It contains transparent zinc oxide which means you won’t have the look or feel of white greasy lotion that other products have. Broad-spectrum protection means that both UVA and UVB rays are blocked. Estion Sunscreen is non-irritating and unscented. It’s ideal for sensitive skin.

Estion Sunscreen with Zinc provides the unsurpassed UVA protection of zinc oxide without the opaque “white-out” that has reduced zinc oxide’s appeal in the past. Estion becomes invisible when massaged onto the skin. As an inorganic or physical sunscreen zinc oxide is not absorbed into the skin and is classified as a Category I (safe and effective) skin protectant especially suited for daily use on sensitive skin.

Of all known sunscreens, inorganic zinc oxide provides the greatest protection against the widest rand of radiation (UVB, UVAII, and UVAI). It is a particularly effective barrier against the deep-penetrating UVA rays believed to contribute to premature aging of the skin and more serious damage including skin cance. Unlike other UVA sunscreens, zinc oxide also provides extensive protection in the UVB range associated with burning.

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